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Back Track

Did your child receive a lower mark than you anticipated last year?

On Track

Is your child currently enrolled in a subject they don't have the best track record with?

Fast Track

Does your child plan on taking a challenging subject next year or semester?



Now is the time to stop wasting time and money on private tutoring! Our courses allow students to learn the entire Ontario Curriculum either before, after or while they take it in school. Finally! Parents can take their child’s education into their own hands without the need to impact final transcripts. Our program has been proven to enhance academic performance, reduce anxiety, and improve university acceptance rates. Enrol now to hit Fast Forward on you’re childs education today!

  • Ontario Certified Teachers
  • Small class sizes
  • Guaranteed results
  • Not for credit



Summer Courses

Give your child the confidence they need to do well next year by enrolling them in our Summer Courses.

Weekend Courses

Already taking a subject this year? Or maybe worried about next semester? Our Weekend Courses have you covered.

3 Week Exam Prep

Our Exam Prep Course help students review content, learn how to study and includes a 1.5 hour mock exam.

Highlights About Our  Courses

Ontario Certified Teachers

Our mission is to provide families with high quality education, and can only do so with the right team in place. Not only are ALL of our teachers OCT Certified, they've also taught their respective subjects in either public or private high schools in Ontario.

Once enrolled, both parents and students are given online access to all class notes, homework, attendance records and grades. You will never be left in the dark regarding your child's progress with us.

We strive to keep our courses fully accessible to our families right across the Greater Toronto Area. That said, currently, all of our courses are held at the Corporate Event Centre which is located just 10 minutes from Toronto Pearson Airport.

Students enrolled in either our Summer or Weekend Courses, are sent home with a midterm and final report card to allow for complete transparency.

Students are assigned homework each and every class in order to fine-tune their understanding and skills in the subject. We expect homework to at the very least, to be attempted for optimal results. 



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