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About Private Courses

Ready to take control of your child's education? So are we!

At PFE we strongly believe in being proactive as opposed to reactive, and our private courses allow students to do just that, in the comfort of their own home. 

Each course is designed to teach students the entire Curriculum before they take it in school. Imagine your child walking into grade 11 chemistry knowing everything they are about to learn already… can you say “A+ here I come!!”

• Grades 5 – 10: Class are 2 hours each
• Grades 11 – 12: Classes are 2.5 hours each

Students get a 10 – 15 minute break halfway through each lesson

Our private courses are individualized to give students the flexibility to learn at their own pace. For best results we suggest lessons are held a minimum of once per week.

Scheduling depends on both teacher and student availability.

Courses are broken down into a series of lessons. More lessons may be required depending on the student(s). Minimum course lengths are as follows:

• Grades 5 – 10: 16 lessons
• Grades 11 – 12: 18 lessons

We offer HUGE savings for families interested in having multiple children or, friends take the same course.

Please contact us for details!

Parents and students are given access to our online platform where they can find course material, texts etc.

Each course is designed to include following:
• Full lessons
• Homework
• Quizzes and Tests
• Hands on activities such as simulations, labs and other manipulatives

A midterm and final report card will be sent to parents via e-mail.




Traditional private tutoring is is priced for students who require temporary intervention. That said, when teaching an entire subject area from start to finish, that can quickly add up!

Structured Education

Our courses have been hand crafted by teachers who are considered experts in their subject area. Each lesson, homework package, and assessment lead students down a path toward success in comparison to tutoring which may change week to week.

Tracking Student Progress

With us, parents receive a midterm and final report card which include student’s overall mark. Traditional tutoring normally offers mini assessments to track student progress as opposed to providing an overall clear picture.



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Grade 09
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12

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