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Summer Courses

About Summer Courses

Thinking about the upcoming school year? So are we!

Give your child the chance to start September off right. Whether they need to brush up on last years content or fast track next years, our summer courses are designed to help students achieve their true potential.

Unlike board offered summer school, students have the flexibility to take more than one subject at a time. Each course is meant to fully prepare student by teaching them the entire curriculum in just 4 weeks.

• Grades 5 – 10: Class are 2 hours each
• Grades 11 – 12: Classes are 2.5 hours each

Students get a 10 – 15 minute break halfway through each lesson

Curriculum based classes are held 4 time a week (M,T,Th,F), for a total of 16 classes. Parents have the option of enrolling students in a “Wildcard Wednesdays” where students are able to dig deeper in their respective subjects in a fun way.

Wildcard Wednesday activities can include: Field trips, hands on activities, online simulations, labs and so on.

• Class 1-15: Full lessons, including homework, quizzes and tests to track progress.
• Class 16: Review and final test/exam.
• Final Test/Exam Pick up

We strive to keep our courses fully accessible to our families right across the Greater Toronto Area. That said, currently, our Summer Courses are held at the Corporate Event Centre which is located just 10 minutes from Toronto Pearson Airport.

A midterm and final report will be sent to parents via e-mail following class 8 and 16.



Final Transcripts

Summer school impacts final transcripts while our courses do not. This provides students with the comfort of knowing they can focus on mastery of the material and not the mark.

Age / Grade Restrictions

Summer school requires students to have taken prerequisite or be in the grade of the subject they wish to enrol in. We allow students from grade 3 to enrol in our grade 5 classes.

Number of Subjects

Board offered summer school has a one subject maximum. With us, students can take multiple subjects to help better prepare them for the upcoming school year.



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Grade 09
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12

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