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Weekend Courses

Course heavy semester coming up? We can help!

Did you miss our Summer Courses? Don’t panic! Our Weekend Courses are designed to help students who either intend to, or are currently enrolled in subjects in school. With us, students learn the entire Ontario Curriculum over the span of 18 weeks, leaving them with enough time to prepare for final exams for day school.

When are classes held?

Classes are 2 or 2.25 hours each and held once a week for a total of 18 weeks.

What to expect?

  • Class 1-16: Full lessons, including homework, quizzes and tests to track progress.
  • Class 17: Review and final test/exam.
  • Class 18: Exam take-up and review. 

Christmas Break?

Christmas break is the only 2 weeks we officially take off. We follow the break schedule of most school boards. So if you have a family vacation planned, don’t worry, your child wont miss a class.

March Break?

Our course schedules are designed to finish before school exam periods commence. For that reason, our classes run right through the March break weekend. Students who miss class due to family vacations, will have complete online access to class material and homework, allowing them to stay caught up in their respective subjects.

Reporting to Parents and Students

A midterm and final report will be sent to parents via e-mail following class 9 and 18.


We recommend students to focus on their upcoming term by enrolling in subjects they plan to take next semester in school. Yet, we do not restrict students who would like to fast track beyond their next term.

Why Not

1-on-1 Tutoring?

Private Tutoring can cost upwards of $60/hr. This can definitely add up over the semester. Our Weekend program provides students with a more structured learning environment at a fraction of the cost.
Private tutoring is often planned around the schedule of the tutor which can become a difficult task if the tutor is ill, away or completely booked. With us, classes are rarely canceled, giving students a consistent support system for questions, practice and review.
All of our Courses include an 1.5 hour exam where students are placed in test like conditions to better prepare them for the real thing. This has been proven to help students overcome test anxiety and is difficult to achieve through private tutoring.
Families looking to fast track their child's learning through 1-on-1 tutoring will find it very costly. For example, a grade 7 student looking to learn grade 9 math may require 30 - 40 hours of support. At a rate of $50/hr this may cost anywhere from $1500 - $2000.

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Current Semester

Start date: September 7, 2019

Early Enrolment: OPEN

Enrolment Fee: $30.00

Location: Corporate Event Centre



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