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Our French courses have been designed to meet students at their current level of understanding in French. Courses range from Beginner all the way to Master/Proficient, progressively building on prior skills and knowledge . In each level student will develop the necessary vocabulary, grammar and syntax to become confident in their reading, writing, listening and speaking French abilities. In order to place students in the appropriate levelled program, students will be required to take an entrance test. That being said, students are not assigned a level based on academic grade.

For more information on specific course details please fill out the form on our enrolment page.

Grades: Kindergarten – Grade 12

AP/IB Specific Programming?  Yes

Summer Course

July – Aug

4 – 5 Classes per week

16 – 20 Classes

32 – 45 hours total

Private Course

All Year

1 – 4 Classes per week

18 Classes

36 -45 hours total

Online Course

All Year

1 – 4 Classes per week

36 – 18 Classes

45 hours total

All Courses
Class Duration
2 - 2.5 hours
Summer Enrolment Fee
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